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Where Have You Been?

What a few weeks it has been! Or has it been long enough to even measure in months? Whatever your preferred chronology, you can be sure that we are immensely blessed! Tomorrow, I'll complete my second month (eighth week, sixtieth day) as the Lead Pastor at Element Church and my overwhelming emotion is, simply, gratitude.

From the minute we landed here in Cheyenne, we have been so well-met by everyone: church family, neighbors, staff, teachers at the school, passersby on the walking paths, and even strangers at Starbucks. Every step we take is another confirmation that the Lord has us in the right place, for the right time, for the right reasons. If you've been a part of that: thank you!

A few weeks back, we had our official welcome and installation at Element. Tara and I were blessed to share some of our heart and vision during the service in a bit of Q&A. If you'd like to check that out, you can find the 9am here and the 11am session here.

As we've gotten into the swing of Sunday mornings, we've even had the amazing privilege to celebrate 15 years of Element Church. We were proud to do this with baptisms, baby dedications, and an amazing life change story from our children's ministry director. If you haven't seen that yet, you don't want to miss it! Check it out here.

On the home front, we have loved our new home! Perhaps the most compelling thing we've noticed is the amazing sunsets. The natural beauty that we are surrounded by every day helps us see the Lord's favor close at hand. It probably doesn't hurt that summer and fall have stretched a bit later in the year than they sometimes do around here!

We really, truly are incredibly blessed. I can't even believe that we get to do what we do every single day. Sometimes, I think back about the last 24 months of our prayer journey, seeking the Lord for His will and I come away more convinced than ever before that the best place to be is right in the center of His will. If you're seeking what's next, or where to find joy, or where the Lord is in your life, let me encourage you--keep after it! He loves you and He is with you!

In the coming weeks, hopefully we'll be sharing more news here about some amazing opportunities to bless others at Christmas, a conference Tara and I will be sharing at, an upcoming global impact trip, and more! Thank you for your prayers, your support, and your friendship. Be blessed! Buz

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Val Rothwell
Val Rothwell

We are very happy to have you as well. Really enjoyed the Sunday talk on Fasting and Prayer. Love that you are doing a prayer series.

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